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Vehicle Purchase Programs

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Complete analysis of your commercial vehicle needs

Specifications developed after a thorough review of all aspects of the clients operations.

Competitive bidding procedures are used to select the best possible price for you.

Final pricing and warranties, after market attachments delivery schedules are negotiated and monitored.

Final inspection and approvals made prior to delivery of all new vehicles.

Fees are always based on services rendered, and not by vehicle purchase price.

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Thorough review of your needs to include type and number of vehicles, year, make, model most suitable and approximate purchase cost.

Extensive search capabilities result in customized matches.

Negotiate services, to include price, warranties, conditions of sale and delivery dates.

Vehicle title searches, when required.

Final road test, inspection and approval conducted prior to your acceptance of all vehicles.

Fees are always based on services rendered and not by vehicle purchase price.

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When buying or selling commercial vehicles, use the independent expertise of Commercial Vehicle Consultants to:

    Inspect vehicle condition
    Negotiate price and warranty
    Set conditions of sale
    Arrange transport nationwide
    Arrange for refurbishing, painting or repair of vehicles

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